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Precision Pak Bag HVAC Filters Out Of Stock

Precision Pak Bag HVAC Filters

Available in two media types: lofted fibreglass media and microfine synthetic media – with average efficiency ranges of 55%, 65%, 85% and 95%.

SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filters Out Of Stock

SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filters

SpaceCone Bag deep bed filters offer superior performance to typical roll-type and metal viscous filters, and are an ideal general-purpose HVAC filter for applications where high efficiency and long duty cycles are required. The key to their excellent performance of these HVAC filters is their shape: the SpaceCone Bag is a cone within a truncated cone.

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters Out Of Stock

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters

SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters come either with or without a self-supporting wire header. The wire header overcomes the need for the inner wire basket (note: without the inner basket reverse flow configuration cannot be achieved).

SpacePeak Bag HVAC FiltersSpacePeak Bag HVAC Filters Out Of Stock

SpacePeak Bag HVAC Filters

SpacePeak Bag HVAC Filters are designed to fit a supporting inner basket and outer mounting frame (as shown). Different configurations are available including Standard flow, Reverse flow and in a 2 stage HVAC filter configuration accommodating a pre-filter.